The Pan Arcadian Federation of America welcomes you…

President’s message


Dear friends,

We left the beautiful villages of Arcadia that were built with hard work, intellect, and courage and moved to our new homeland.

We inherited high ideals, humanity, good taste, respect, a sense of moderation, harmony and patriotism from our ancestors and came to our new homeland, the United States, equipped with all of those things – things that we would like to impart to our children and the generations to come.

Dear friends,

Through this website, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America aims at giving prominence to its forward-looking and hospitable members in order to give them the chance to explore a world that connects them with their roots through pictures, memories, and references.

We will be constantly in touch from now on!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of myself and the Pan Arcadian Federation of America to the Journalist / Promotion & Communication Consultant, Mr. Filippos Sotiropoulos, for his tireless and selfless contribution to the creation of the website that will bring us closer.

We are always open to any kind of suggestions, thoughts or remarks that will help us to improve this new endeavor of ours.


Yours faithfully,
Andre P. Papantoniou