In the new mission of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America, the improvement and enrichment of Arcadian life in America should be added. Also, it should maintain, promote and perpetuate Hellenism and the Greek heritage.

The main goals of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America Federation are as follows:

  1. To promote and encourage the loyalty and dedication of Arcadians to the United States and its Constitution, as well as to the laws of each State and its administrative subdivisions.
  2. To guide its members to the ideals, doctrines, and principles of Democracy and the methods of administration of the US Government, of each State and its administrative subdivisions.
  3. To teach people of Greek nationality residing in the United States the ideals, doctrines, and principles governing the status of the American Citizen.
  4. To cultivate among the Arcadians of America the ideals of cooperation, mutual assistance and solidarity and to develop a spirit of mutual support between them.
  5. To develop a broader understanding between the American and Greek people and spread the ideals of Hellenism in the United States.
  6. To maintain the Greek language and preserve the faith and teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church among its members.
  7. To provide every possible moral and financial assistance to its members.
  8. To strengthen any charity and educational institution operating in the Prefecture of Arcadia, as well as any similar Arcadian institution that exists in the United States in every way possible.
  9. To strengthen programs for elderly Arcadians in the USA in every way possible.
  10. To promote and support young people and programs for young people in the USA and Greece in every way possible.