It is a non-profit organization which is managed by a board of eleven members. The Pan Arcadian Federation of America's Board of Directors consists of the President, three Vice Presidents, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Legal Advisor, the Young Adult Director and three District Governors. The Board of Directors is elected every two years by secret ballot, by the majority of the representatives present at the National Conference, while the three governors are elected by regional conferences held prior to the National Conference.

The President of Pan Arcadian Federation of America

Ανδρέας Παπαντωνίου

Andre Papantoniou

Andre Papantoniou was born in Dara, Arcadia, in 1943. He graduated from high school in Tripoli and in 1961, following a call from his relatives, he departed for Toronto (Canada). There he worked for five years and then settled in the USA (Chicago).

Board of Directors

  • Andre Papantoniou. IL

  • George Anastasopoulos, UT
    1st Vice President

  • Angeliki Vournas, N.Y
    2nd Vice President

  • Anastasios Giannikopoulos, IL
    3rd Vice President

  • John Bournazos, CA
    General Secretary

  • Kostas Labrakis, IL

  • George N. Reveliotis, IL
    Esq. Legal Advisor

  • Christina Mantas, CA
    Young Adult Director

District Governors

  • John Vemis, MASS
    East District

  • Dr. John K. Sarantopoulos, MD, IL
    Midwest District

  • George Booras, CA
    West District

Supreme Board of Trustees

  • George K. Sourounis, IL

  • Kostas Kapogianis, CA
    Past President, Trustee

  • Evangelos Potakis, IL
    Past President, Trustee

  • Demetris Filios, NY
    Chairman of the Pan Arcadian Hospital’s Committee (Tripoli) - Greece

  • Dimitrios Panagos, NY

  • Andy Costas, IL

  • Tom Diamond, IL

  • James A. Rigopoulos, CA

  • Panagiotis Kypraios

  • Nick Leles, CA

Auditing Committees

  • Christos Kostakis, IL

  • George Xerakias, NY

  • Konstantine Kabilafkas, CA

Representative of the Pan Arcadian Federation of America in Greece

  • Filippos Sotiropoulos, GR
    Journalist & Promotion Communication Advisor