1. Read the guide that you have in your hands carefully.

2. Visit the beautiful villages and the settlements of the Prefecture of Arcadia.

3. Take a trip to the rivers of the area (Alpheios, Lousios, Ladon), as well as to the Ladon Reservoir

4. Pay a visit to the castles and monasteries of the region.

5. Take a trip to its forests and mountains and explore its beautiful canyons.

6. Pay a visit to the watermills and the fulling mills.

7. Go for a swim at the beaches of Kynouria

8. Visit the folklife museums.

9. Get a taste of the local traditional products and the exquisite Arcadian cuisine..

10. Take photos of the marvelous landscapes to remember Arcadia by and send them to your friends telling them all about your experience.


 Let your eyes and soul roam freely around the land you came from!!